Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writing and Habit

Hello Friends, (aka, those brave souls who may still have me on their Google Reader)

Here's a bit of a catch up.

So, I finished 1L year:
  • It took vasty amounts of time, even more than that summer I worked 80 hours a week as a barista and coffee wholesaler and was a full time student at the same time, but it was totally worth it.
  • I learned to write in ways I didn't know were possible and loved the process, even though it knocked me down and repeatedly ran over me with a Hummer. Out of two sets of first drafts I set the bottom of the curve. Out of two sets of final drafts I set the top. Here's to learning and not grades right?
  • I made friends all over the place. Seriously, law school is like a concentration of diversity and awesomeness.
  • I'm stoked for the opportunities that law can open up. Going through the 2011 Summer Job Apps for firms in the Pacific Northwest has opened my eyes to the wide variety of amazing things a law degreed person can do. Stay tuned for updates.
That whole writing experience of 1L year (by far harder than finals) taught me that I love writing and will never give it up. What I'm good at though is letting things slide and be forgotten.
  • Like yoga.
  • Like pilates.
  • Like my running schedule.
  • Like taking my vitamins and drinking enough water.
  • Like reading instead of bouncing from link to link online.
  • Like really learning CSS and HTML5.
  • Like writing daily. fiction. articles. dreams. ideas. posts.
  • Like maintaining a conscious breath instead of letting the whims of the urgent unimportant rule.
  • Like meeting with friends.
  • Like responding to my pen pals.
habitus overtake me.

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