Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Every Morning

Do you want to know how I wake up every morning?

What dreams I remember are wild, wooly adventures in a hyper-reality where I can fly, teleport, communicate with multiple people at the same time and understand things as they are in themselves. That accounts for the first two minutes, approximately of the song above.

Having been all sorts of fantastic things, met hoards of fabulous people, and wandered all over the mossy dream world (always mossy, must be the Seattle child in me) around 1:30 I hear the call of the waking world, the world where dreams can become reality, not just for me, but for every one I meet, every one I love, every rich, unique person in their nearly infinite complexity. It's sobering really, but certainly, deeply exciting.

About 2:30 I began to shift to awakeness. The sun is dawning on a world entirely new, a world that didn't have to be there for me to wake to. The earth spins, letting the sun dance up the sky, lighting up the rushing waves as they too hurry to greet us.

Breathe in my friends, Aure Entuluva! Day has come again! Become one with and yet a member of the Great Dance, the Dance we've been a part of from the beginning, not merely because of who we are, but because of the gifts we've been given.

Dance through your day with your brothers, sisters, friends.

Live. Love. Dream.

Day has come again.


lagbd said...

so cool
(did I date myself?)

lagbd said...

so cool!
(did I date myself?_

Taylor said...

Not at all! It's a great track :) I may be a little too bubbly in this post but... it's true.