Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Likely Home in Boston

Greetings All!

Anne and I have returned from our Boston excursion with great enthusiasm and excitement for the move at the end of July. The community is awesome, the food spectacular, the environment excellent, the opportunites boundless.

Our housing search was fruitful as well, at least at the moment. We found a beautiful 1 bedroom a few blocks from Boston College, on a quiet little side street off Commonwealth Ave and the T. Here are a few pictures from the listing:

We're spending the rest of the day here in Seattle with my family before driving over HWY 20 through the North Cascades National Park back to Spokane to turn the houses over to Premiere Property Services and see Everett and Melissa get married! Yay!

Then it is down to Annie's parents for two weeks, leaving Sunday or Monday.

All the best,

Taylor and Annie

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Boston Whirlwind

It's the second to last day of our Boston recon trip and my goodness what a trip it has been! We are staying with a wonderful family of nine just outside of Boston in the West Roxbury area. They are unfortunatly (for us) moving to Ave Maria so Dr. Mike Raiger can teach english there. However, they have been most helpful in acquainting us with the area, connecting us to the various communities, and being amazing hosts the whole while!

We're meeting with our realtor tomorrow, and we've looked at 12 open condos today, so the housing things is happening. In fact, despite the notoriously hight prices (in Spokane terms at least), we're very impressed with the quality and beauty of both the area and the apartments themselves. Boston is going to be an amazing place to live and there are so many opportunities for us in the Opus Dei, Lonergan, BC, yoga, business, and job markets that we're extremely excited to be moving here. We're hoping for a two-bedroom, but even if we don't get that, we're welcoming any and all who would like to come out and visit in the fall or these next two years (at least).

All the best to all who stop by! God Bless,

Taylor (and Anne)