Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coding and Development

When I was a kid in high school, I taught myself how to design websites using free editors and online tutorials. Eleven years, no classes, and four paying web design jobs later, I'm still cobbling together sites based on the little coding that I know. This summer though, I've decided to develop this enduring interest into something I can call my own.
Yesterday I bought six domains and unlimited web hosting for three purposes:

  1. Two friends and I are starting a web development company to pursue our common interest. We already have several clients: a couple not-for-profits, an individual or two, and two student group websites. We hope to be incorporated by the end of the summer and look forward to the future!
  2. A coffee blog. I love coffee, and between my love of coffee, writing, and web design, we figured we could make something awesome happen.
  3. Personal and family blogs. We're a story-telling family, what can I say?
With these things in mind, I'm spending solid time every day really learning what I'm doing from a design and usability point of view. My coding skills are decent and a good groundwork from which to build everything else. So here is to, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, and a few kind friends who are willing to help me grow!

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