Friday, January 28, 2011

end of month update

Hello friends!

while I have not been writing a lot here, I have been writing vast amounts elsewhere. sorry for the quietness. here's what has been going on:

we visited philadelphia last weekend to visit some dear friends: beautiful city, lovely times. can't wait to go back.

i've been catching up on school: reworking a 40-50pg paper, writing blog posts for kaplan, really getting into classes & notes for those classes. i love all my work, it's just a matter of not letting it overwhelm me.

my business partner paul and i have been hammering out a logo design for fizzy media, our new llc w/meggie, a good friend of mine & bril artist. we're also setting up a few sites for some clients and working on getting our company's page off the ground. loving being an entrepreneur. deeply.

applying for jobs and networking in seattle, where I want to be this summer. part of me just wants to focus on web development, but a legal job is crucial for further career development. honestly, i love law as well, so really its just a matter of finding a job that combines the web and law. shouldn't be too hard, right?

working out some good transitions w/the wifey: from student to breadwinner for me and from breadwinner to stay-at-home mother/blogger/crafter/photographer extraordinaire for her. it's a new stage of life and we're incredibly blessed and excited for it. excited to be a father to this little girl, hopefully some day soon.

getting back into running: ~ 20miles a week. took last week off b/c my lower legs always take a bit to catch up and injuries suck.

really learning to leverage the various social medias available to us: tumblr, twitter, readers, plugins, codes, all kinds of brilliance all over the place. it's awesome to be riding this technological wave.

anyway, i'm going to be in seattle this weekend and the beginning of next week in a slew of interviews and meeting. look for some coffee posts before too long! in the meanwhile, check my updates on tumblr and twitter. some amazing beauty and interesting ideas to be had.

namaste my friends

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anne said...

the most wonderful man in the world :) and bestest husband ever!! "It's us and God, Taylor: let's take on the world!!"