Saturday, January 08, 2011

2011 Resolutions

i) reorient my life to my values, rather than orient my life to external demands. I find that I easily wrap myself up in the demands others make on me. not necessarily a bad thing, but one that I am going to change this year. I want to spend more present and conscious time w/my wife. I want to have coffee with good friends. I want to read fiction. these things will only improve my grades and career prospects. I know this. I've tested it. 2011 is for making this a reality.

ii) recreating and blending career plans. I jumped on the work-at-a-big-firm-until-your-debts-are-paid-off bandwagon with a vengeance 1L year. it's a good career path! but I'm not sure it is for me. my career ideas are really broadening and incorporating my own interests. perhaps because the job market isn't great. perhaps because a few people close to me who are movers and shakers in the legal field are rethinking the world of law. perhaps because I live and breathe the entrepreneurial life. who knows. all I know is, that my career path will be my own. I'm tired of listening to "the way it is done." know, that if I am a barista in 15 years, it's what I wanted to do. ;)

iii) remembering that my physical being and my intellectual being are one. I alway seem to forget diet and exercise when the going gets rough. all that does is make the going rougher. this year I'm sticking with my running schedule, integrating a pilates/yoga routine, and paying attention to my diet. goals: sub 3:10 Boston qualifier; body weight btwn 155-160lbs; 300 pushups at one time; and a regular yoga practice.

iv) growing Fizzy Media, LLC. My good friend Paul and I started a web development company. we have a few clients and a list of wild ideas. we're going to make them real. we're going to learn much in the process.

v) living minimalism. I don't need a lot. but I feel I do. this year will be an exercise in parsing out the unnecessary.

namaste, my friends.

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