Monday, January 25, 2010


I've a really good feeling about this year:

1) marriage is awesome, continually challenging us (me in particular... the Wife seems to get it all before I do) to reach new heights of self-appropriation, friendship, and self-giving. A sort of microcosm of the universe in that sense. We had several solid opportunities over break to think/talk about how we hope this year to turn out and fit into the overall goals of our lives... and it's exciting! Yay for love!

2) i'm slowly acclimatizing to school, realizing that it is indeed something that I want to do and care passionately about. I think I'll always be a philosopher at heart and always bring theory into practice, but it's nice to practice too. So many of the underpinnings of our societal ills are legal... anyway, that is for another post.

3) one of my favorite persons in the world moved in with us, which makes every day a party! So good to have a mini-community right in our place... community just becomes more and more important w/every passing week.

4) as some of you who read the Wife's blog may have heard, we're planning on adopting and pursuing that glorious possibility.

So, here's to the new year and it's infinite possibility! Since bucket lists are fun to read, here's a few (some carry overs as well) things that I hope to accomplish this year:

  • A blog post a week for three reasons: non-academic writing... so I don't lose it all; non-academic thought... so I don't lose that either; and developing the awesome online community I've slowing been realizing the potential of.
  • Half Marathon sub 1:15. My last half was precisely 1:40, so it's ambitious, but I didn't train for that last half either, so I'm hopeful.
  • Depending on the one above: Full Marathon sub 3 hours. Qualifying for the Boston before I leave would be awesome.
  • A summer Century. I found cycling balanced out my running perfectly, and when I move back to the West Coast I don't want to be too out of shape for the mountains. Also, rumors of doing the Laramie Enduro this summer...
  • Keep a journal. I often feel I let things slip by in the stream of consciousness that would save me a lot of trouble/time/heartache were I to pay more attention to them. Journaling is a first step.
  • Read non-school books. Sort of along the same lines as blogging, I don't want to "drown in the sweet honey-head of Plato". See?
  • Running/Cycling are fabulous, but I need pilates/yoga to be a really integrated person. Making more of an effort in that arena. Hopefully before my ten-class card at Back Bay Yoga expires. Yes it is good for a year. ;)


anne said...

Ooh.. I don't know that I "get" things that much more quickly than you do, but it's been a wonderful adventure with you these past 6 years! I'm so blessed to be your wife, your cook, your housekeeper, the (someday) mother of your children, your cheerleader at races, and your fellow wanna-be yogi :) I LOVE YOU!

Picky Bear said...

Woo-hoo! All sounds very grand, Taylor. And for my new year...I'm going to add you to my Google Reader, finally. Don't know why I didn't have you on before...? But now you know I'll be keeping tabs so you'd better keep up your three posts a week!

Kayleen said...

Ooopsie! That was actually me, Kayleen. If you couldn't tell by the writing style. But I'll tell Mike too add you to his Reader too, although I think he already has you on there...

Picky Bear said...

Yes I do have you, Taylor, on my google reader. I checked my email and was very confused at first until I saw the other email with Kayleen's comment.

Taylor said...

Annie: you so do :) but it is a wonderful adventure! yay for us!

Mike/Kayleen: google reader is the best! I just need to be better about posting comments... hmm another addition to the list!