Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where do we go from here?

Hiya friends, brothers, and sisters!

I was reading some scripture commentary this morning and found something totally applicable to this last weekend! So I thought I would share with those who wanna read it.

It is from a homily given by Pope John Paul II in Mexico in 1979 (he is commenting on the first chapter of Luke):

"Virgo Fidelis, the faithful Virgin. What does this faithfulness of Mary's mean? What are the dimensions of this faithfulness? The first dimension is called Search. Mary was faithful first of all when she began, lovingly, to seek the deep sense of God's plan in her and for the world. Quomodo fiet? How shall this be?, she asked the Angel of the Annunciation.

The second dimension of faithfulness is called reception, acceptance. The quomodo fiet? is changed, on Mary's lips, to a fiat: Let it be done, I am ready, I accept. This is the crucial moment of faithfulness, the moment in which humankind perceived that he or she will never completely understand the 'how'; that there are in God's plan more areas of mystery than of clarity; that, however he or she may try, he will never succeed in understanding it completely.

The third dimension of faithfulness is consistency to live in accordance with what one believes; to adapt one's own life to the object of one's adherence. To accept misunderstanding, persecutions, rather than a break between what one practices and what one believes: this is consistency.

But all faithfulness must past the most exacting test, that of duration. Therefore the fourth dimension of faithfulness is constancy. It is easy to be consistent for a day or two. It is difficult and important to be consistent for one's whole life. It is easy to be consistent in the hour of enthusiasm, it is difficult to be so in the hour of tribulation. And only a consistency that lasts throughout the whole of life can be called faithfulness. Mary's 'fiat' in the Annunciation finds its fullness in the silent 'fiat' that she repeats at the foot of the Cross."

I love you all! Have an awesome day!

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