Thursday, August 23, 2007

Joseph Conrad, Anton Chekov, Running, and Moving

Hello all,

I thought I would update my blog since it has been so long since a real entry. I promise I will write more once we're moved in and have internet.

These past few days have been kind of stressful, though not for any one reason, just an accumulation of them. Anne and I have been job hunting, getting ready for school, navigating our way around all the ins-and-outs of Boston and generally doing chores. We've been living out of suitcases for a month now... well more like 1.5 months and we're about ready to settle in again. We close on our apartment/condo (is there a difference?) on the 30th and our movers come on the 1st. Classes start the 4th! Hopefully work will start around then too. I've been offered two jobs, one with Quiznos, the other with Worldwide Aquistions, a sales and marketing firm that does about 65% of Verizon's marketing on the East Coast. Both are interesting, but not quite what I wanted. Ahh well, I still have several possibilities and these jobs are by no means a bad deal. We'll see.

I've been reading up a storm, I finished Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry a few days ago and was struck by how much I had forgotten from my last reading. It really is a fascinating book dealing with life, love, marriage, and is a very peaceful read. I've been reading some collected short stories by Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekov, GK Chesterton's Father Brown Mysteries, and others... ahh... it's nice to read so much again.

I'm hoping to run the Boston Marathon, if not this April, then in 2009. They have a cutoff time of 3:10 in a previous marathon before you can register for theirs, so I'm hoping to do the USMC marathon before then.

All the best!

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