Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Plans for Next Year

Greetings all!

I heard back from the Lonergan Institute at Boston College last week and they have given me full tuition for a Masters in Philosophy at Boston College! Because it is a two-year program, because the scholarship is competitive, and because there are several professors whom I hold in high regard teaching there, (among other reasons) Annie and I have decided that we will be going there this Fall. Peter Kreeft, Patrick Byrne, Father Flanagan, and Father Tacelli are all amazing men from whom I hope to learn. I also am given to understand that Yo-yo Ma lives and performs in Boston, which bodes well for my continuing with the cello. :-)

After the two year program I plan on applying to a select few philosophy and classics graduate schools, as well as a few law schools. While this round of applications turned out well, I hope that the Masters gives me a competitive edge for some of the more demanding schools.

Meanwhile, this summer we're planning on kicking back and relaxing for a month and a half or so in Spokane after graduation. We're planning on attending the Peterson Family Reunion and our good friends Mel and Everett's wedding.

We're driving down to Ridgecrest, CA where Annie's family resides the first week of July, staying a week or so and driving down to San Diego. Then we'll drive up from San Diego along the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Seattle.

We'll probably leave Spokane on July 30th for Boston, MA stopping in Chicago for another family reunion the weekend of August 2nd-5th. Classes start on September 4th.

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