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Dred Scott's Great-Great Granddaughter Holds Pro-Life View on Abortion

Dred Scott's Great-Great Granddaughter Holds Pro-Life View on Abortion
by Steven EditorMarch 6, 2007
St. Louis, MO ( -- The great-great granddaughter ofDred Scott says she opposes abortion and believes the SupremeCourt should overturn Roe v. Wade in the same way it reverseditself in the landmark civil rights case. Just as the 1857 highcourt case ruled black Americans were not persons, the 1973decision said unborn children aren't people with a right to life.
In the decision in the Scott case, Chief Justice Roger B. Taneydelivered the majority opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court andseven of the nine justices agreed that Dred Scott should remain aslave.
Taney ruled that as a slave, Dred Scott was not a citizen of theUnited States, and therefore had no right to bring suit in thefederal courts on any matter.
The court appeared to be sanctioning slavery under the terms ofthe Constitution itself, and saying that slavery could not beoutlawed or restricted within the United States.
Ultimately the decision led to the election of Abraham Lincoln aspresident in 1860 when the Republican Party coordinated a newcampaign effort to gain control of the Congress and the courts.
Ironically, the same sort of campaign battles play out today aspro-life advocates look to the ballot box and the courtroom tooverturn Roe and give legal rights to babies before birth.
They can count Scotts descendant, Lynne Jackson, as one whoagrees that the high court was wrong a second time in theabortion case.
Jackson, a member of the St. Louis-area Cross Keys Baptist Churchin Missouri, shared her pro-life views with The Pathway,newsjournal of the Missouri Baptist Convention.
I know children, when they just hear that little babies are beingkilled before they're born, who say, Thats not right. Did youwant to kill me?" Jackson said.
The sensibilities and just the pure innocence of children aloneknow that this is wrong," she added, according to a Baptist Presswrite-up.
Jackson said her pro-life views were solidified when she saw avideo of an abortion procedure.
You see this beautiful form of a darling baby just floatingaround, doing well, and then you see the introduction of thesepincers that go in and the baby starts to flinch and move backand forth, as if to get away from this thing thats poking andprodding at them," she explained.
"Then it becomes pretty violent," she added.
"So now youre just looking at stuff floating, where a minute agoyou were looking at a baby. And it is a baby, and life does beginat conception," Jackson concludes.
According to BP, Jackson recently established the Dred ScottHeritage Foundation, a group that will raise funds to erect astatute of Scott in order to promote racial reconciliation.

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