Saturday, June 25, 2005

What a beautiful life!

I worked from 1 to 12:30 last night and was very tired at the end of all of it. I also hadn't eaten much so I was kind of sick. Annie made me some food when we came home. :-) she is so good to me and I love her so much! I came over to her house around 8am to wake her up and we laid in her bed for a little bit and just were for a few minutes... it was pure, heavenly bliss. Just holding each other like that even though we were tired... even though we have a nine hour day ahead of us, even though... everything :-)

I was thinking yesterday about how people in rural areas are closer to God it is apparent in their mannerisms, in their physical beauty, in the way they talk. I wonder why? Anywho... I have to leave to take a shower for work... pray for Annie! She had her car robbed today and Bridget who had her house robbed yesterday.

God Bless and I'll talk more tonight I hope,


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